• Facilities & Amenities

Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) has been planned as a community where people can live and work with equal comfort and tranquillity. The waterfront promenade will allow for outdoor cafe's and restaurants, for use by day and night. Community retail, in attached and detached format, will allow for all the basics to be available at close quarters.

Squares and garden between the clusters create connectivity between the larger districts of the community. People living and working within JLT will have a wide range of facilities within reach with quiet community areas with benches, cafe terraces, and shaded walkways

Additional features include pavement fountains, lake fountains, gardens adjacent to avenues, groves of trees, desert gardens and bespoke sculptural features lending to both small scale internal interest, as well as contributing to expansive views.

Day care centres and children's play areas have been visualized as part of the community. Children will be allowed to use electronic remote control boats in controlled areas of the lake along with enjoying activities such as cycling, walking and even roller-skating.

In addition to the community facilities, each tower shall cater to the needs of its tenants with facilities such as gymnasiums, saunas, swimming pools, conference centres, high speed elevators, state of the art security systems.

• Wind Tower Facilities
* Convenient underground parking
* Separate lobbies for office and residential units
* Ground floor shopping area
* High speed elevators
* High speed internet facilities
* Advanced safety systems
* Access to satellite T.V.
* 24 hour concierge
* Closed circuit television
* State of the art fitness club
* Swimming pool

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